Application Control

Align the performance of your most important applications with your business priorities

Allot Solutions for Application Control

You’ve invested in network and cloud applications that are critical to the success of your business. Nothing is more frustrating than recurring complaints about sluggish apps that aren’t responding or performing as expected. With Allot application control, you can prioritize business-critical apps for optimal quality of experience that keeps your users satisfied and productive.

Encrypted Traffic Classification

Visualize and understand what it takes to assure optimal application performance for every user

QoS Traffic Shaping

Ensure the performance of your most important applications is aligned with your business priorities

Acceptable Use Policy Control

Manage shadow IT, recreational use, and non-critical apps, to ensure they are in sync with your company productivity goals

Driving "Smart City" Services

This forward-thinking City Council in Spain uses Allot application control to make sure their municipal website provides great quality of experience to city residents.

Elevate your Business Productivity

Allot Secure Service Gateway delivers the network visibility, security and control you need to align application performance and protection with your business priorities.
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If you turn the lights on in your network, will you like what you see? Allot’s extensive network monitoring is a real eye-opener!

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