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CSPs reveal what’s really happening with 5G

Over the years, the team here at Allot has amassed quite a library of Telco Trends Reports, which we publish as important developments occur within the industry. Our latest report dives in deep to reveal where communications service providers (CSPs) are on the path to rolling out 5G. Entitled “The 5G Journey: Where are we…

Do we really need 5G?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, 4G is really pretty good. It makes quite a few useful things possible: fast general Internet access (on the order of DSL) download and even upload of high-resolution video always-on behavior (with batteries lasting the entire day) apps relying on location and identity (technically a smartphone feature)….

Why is 5G called 5G?

I know you’ve probably heard a lot about 5G already. But, did you ever actually stop for a moment to consider the simple question – why is it called 5G? Simply put, 5G stands for the fifth generation, and we could stop there, however… It’s interesting to note that there have been many technologies that…

The power of real-time capabilities for communication service providers

A colleague of mine recently alerted me to a white paper she read about the competitive advantage of real-time. The concept of “real-time” remains a hot topic, and I can appreciate the value of this material, especially since it was featured on Vanilla Plus, a leading telecom content platform that I find quite insightful. Although…

Can network congestion ever, really, truly be managed?

Network congestion continues to be an ongoing problem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) all over the world. The situation was made all too clear recently with the release of Squid Game, Netflix’s dystopian series, which has become the US streaming company’s most popular show launch ever with more than 100m viewers. According to June Yoon…

Examples of Large & Small Business Cyber Attacks: Fighting for Survival Against a New Wave of Cyber Criminals

There are two types of businesses in the world today. Those that have been attacked by cybercriminals, and those that haven’t, yet. In what is becoming increasingly clear, most of these businesses are currently sitting vulnerable, at the edge of an historic crisis. Just this month, according to Bleeping Computer, electronics retail giant MediaMarkt suffered…

How European telecoms defend their customers from the latest cybersecurity threats

Have you seen the latest cyberthreat report? The numbers are mind-boggling! Our data show that Allot’s network security services blocked cyberthreats from harming European subscribers 653,996,978 times in the first half of the year. 653,996,978 times!  That averages out to more than 2,400 security incidents every minute, and that’s just among Allot-protected customers in Europe….

Facebook Outage – It’s all about the Pipes

In case anyone needed to be reminded, yesterday’s dramatic Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram outage drove home, once again, how dependent we have all become on ubiquitous connectivity and our favorite applications and online services. But it goes far beyond just online fun and games and keeping in touch with our various communities and interests. Businesses, governments, utilities, healthcare,…

The surprising things mobile network operators are saying about 5G & QoE

We recently completed some research to better understand CSP attitudes toward Quality of Experience (QoE) and congestion management on 5G networks. As part of the study, independent market research agency Coleman Parkes conducted an anonymous survey in which senior decision makers at 100 Tier-1 and Tier-2 mobile communication service providers (CSPs) were asked a series…

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