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The gift that keeps on giving: 7 tips to avoid cyber security threats

Did you give or receive a toy or new parental control or security app for the holidays? While well-intentioned, you may have inadvertently created a security breach for the recipient or opened your family up to unwanted surveillance. The Internet of security breaches The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just for your smart doorbell…

The power of real-time capabilities for communication service providers

A colleague of mine recently alerted me to a white paper she read about the competitive advantage of real-time. The concept of “real-time” remains a hot topic, and I can appreciate the value of this material, especially since it was featured on Vanilla Plus, a leading telecom content platform that I find quite insightful. Although…

Examples of Large & Small Business Cyber Attacks: Fighting for Survival Against a New Wave of Cyber Criminals

There are two types of businesses in the world today. Those that have been attacked by cybercriminals, and those that haven’t, yet. In what is becoming increasingly clear, most of these businesses are currently sitting vulnerable, at the edge of an historic crisis. Just this month, according to Bleeping Computer, electronics retail giant MediaMarkt suffered…

How European telecoms defend their customers from the latest cybersecurity threats

Have you seen the latest cyberthreat report? The numbers are mind-boggling! Our data show that Allot’s network security services blocked cyberthreats from harming European subscribers 653,996,978 times in the first half of the year. 653,996,978 times!  That averages out to more than 2,400 security incidents every minute, and that’s just among Allot-protected customers in Europe….

Lesson from Lockdowns: Crucial to Scale-Up Cybersecurity Services

The COVID-19 pandemic and governmental movement restrictions have led to an increased dependency on online services for individuals and businesses alike. Cybercriminals quickly identified this trend as an opportunity for gaining profits. They responded by intensifying cyberattack volume and introducing sophisticated coronavirus-themed attack schemes to steal sensitive user information and business data. At Allot, we…

Los Consumidores Mexicanos Esperan con Entusiasmo la Protección de la Ciberseguridad Basada en la Red

El 2020 está siendo un año difícil.  Mientras México se enfrenta a la pandemia de COVID-19, los ciudadanos también hacen frente a peligrosos virus y ataques informáticos que se propagan rápidamente por Internet. El virus humano ha provocado un crecimiento sin precedentes del teletrabajo, el comercio electrónico y el aprendizaje online. Desafortunadamente, esto también ha…

Is Telco Cybersecurity the New Competitive Edge for Service Providers?

In my 20+ years working for and with telecommunication providers around the world, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the industry has evolved to offer continuously improved services to a wide audience of consumers. One of the most amazing things about this industry is that it provides essential connectivity service to every segment of society – from…

How important is cybersecurity to mobile subscribers?

(This is a guest post by Ian Parkes, director at Coleman Parkes Research, a full-service, UK-based, end-to-end B2B market research company covering international telecom and a wide range of other industries.) My colleagues and I recently concluded an extensive research survey we conducted in partnership with Allot and the results were, to say the least,…

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