Visibility & Control

Key Benefits

  • Match WiFi service to diverse groups of customers and employees
  • Increase revenue through tiered WiFi packages as well as real-time and post-event upsell
  • Improve resource utilization and planning through full visibility and tracking

WiFi Service Tiers in Action

Hospitality enterprises often have multiple LANs – one for hotel guests, one for a convention center, and another for administration staff. The WiFi connectivity requirements for these user groups are typically quite different and require multiple bandwidth management policies. For example, guest rooms may receive a fixed amount of WiFi bandwidth with an option to pay-for-more, while convention and showfloor areas allocate bandwidth according to a tiered pricing structure per event. Numerous showfloor policies may be in use at an event, offering a range of WiFi access speeds, with real-time upsells enabled by a central command and control office. At the same time, congestion thresholds are monitored, triggering peak usage policies that may limit P2P traffic or individual connection establishment rates, ensuring sufficient bandwidth to meet SLAs.

AllotĀ NetEnforcer

Allot NetXplorer

Allot Subscriber Management Platform