Unified Endpoint & Network Security

Combined power. Unified security. Simple functionality.

Internet security services that protect your subscribers both on-net and off-net

Can you guarantee powerful security for your users across all devices, simply and efficiently? Do you maximize your revenue-generating opportunities with a security VAS? Together with McAfee, Allot enables you to meet these objectives in one, unified solution.

Why offer a unified security solution?

Service providers in today’s hyper-competitive market face the major challenges of attracting and retaining customers. The proliferation of devices used to access networks goes hand in hand with an escalation of security threats, because the attack surface has expanded. This provides a golden opportunity to provide security VAS that differentiate you from your competitors. And by offering a differentiated service, you can establish a compelling proposition to recruit new users, and to strengthen your offer for existing customers. Many subscribers are aware of endpoint security, and have taken action by installing it on some or all of their devices. Network security is an increasingly important focus for operators in order to protect both their businesses and their users. But this leaves a space that can be exploited by hackers or filled by astute service providers. That space is a unified solution that provides network and endpoint solution together; a solution developed by Allot and McAfee.

The next step in online security

Allot and McAfee now offer you the next logical step in security, a multi-layer platform that integrates endpoint and network-based security across all devices. By combining the two into a single platform, complexity for the user is reduced, and a greater level of security is achieved. End-to-end security is built on the Allot NetworkSecure platform in the network, coupled with McAfee Security products on the endpoint. Together, they create one unified service that delivers on-net and off-net coverage to keep customers satisfied, and simple onboarding to accelerate service uptake and time-to-revenue.

Solution Brief
Allot Unified Security

A multi-layer Security as a Service platform, integrating end point and network-based security, that enhances uptake, retention, and monetization opportunities.

Supporting Products

Allot NetworkSecure
Generate incremental security service revenue with network-based security services proven to achieve high adoption rates.
Allot Secure
Deliver a unified, CSP branded security service for IoT and user devices at home, at work and on the go.

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