Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Create your own branded, network-based security service to give your customers multi-layer protection at home, at work, and on the go.

Mobile Security Solutions for Service Providers

Mobile security services powered by Allot have achieved up to 50% market penetration for operators who deploy them.

Connected Home Security Services

With the growth of IoT devices in the home CSPs are best positioned to secure the smart-home.

Network Security Services for Business Customers
Unified Endpoint & Network Security

End-to-end security service that protects your customers wherever they are and however they access the Internet

Allot Powers Vodafone Secure Net

Keeping subscribers safe from sites and apps that have been compromised by cryptocurrency hijackers is one of the many service benefits that Vodafone Secure Net provides to millions of customers.

Allot Mobile Security Trends Report
A unique go-to-market for mass market Security as a Service
Innovative Security as a Service for MSSPs
Combine Allot Internet Security services with our granular network visibility and control to make attractive and affordable VAS packages for small and medium business customers.

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