Monetize IoT Connectivity and Manage the Risk

The Internet of Things presents a big opportunity for service providers. It also poses significant risk to infrastructure integrity and ongoing network performance. Allot IoTSecure solutions help you efficiently manage IoT traffic, add value to IoT your connectivity service, and protect IoT customers from bot infections that could subsequently threaten your entire network.

IoT Infrastructure Protection

IoT Infrastructure Protection

Ensuring CSP infrastructure resilience; maintaining QOE for customers relying on the carrier’s network.

IoT Service Protection

IoT Service Protection

Add value to your IoT data plans with network-based security services that protect customers against ever-growing malware threats.

Asian Operator Automates IoT Traffic Management and Security

One of the biggest mobile operators in APAC uses Allot IoTSecure solutions to automate IoT customer lifecycle management for their enterprise customers who are upgrading to smart, connected devices, sensors, etc.

White Paper

ContinuityAddressing Service Provider Challenges Related to the Internet of Things

Learn how to make your IoT operations more efficient, secure, and profitable with Allot IoTSecure.


Keep Connected IoT Devices under Control with Allot

Allot IoTSecure solutions help you protect network infrastructure and service availability from outbound flooding attacks caused by malfunctioning or bot-infected IoT devices.

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