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Protect users, the network against from volumetric DDoS attacks originating from the Internet.
Maintain reliable service during major attacks.


Allot ServiceProtector activated on the Allot Service Gateway platform, providing real-time detection, reporting and mitigation of attacks.


  • Effective protection against big attacks
  • Seamless scalability to address future need
  • Simple cost-effective; part of the main platform
  • Emergency Response Service

Comprehensive, Rapid and Cost-Effective Network Protection Against Escalating DDoS Attacks


About the Customer

This customer is one of the leading providers of television, Internet, and telephony services for residential, corporate, and SME customers in Central America. It offers digital television, pay per view, free content video on demand, high definition (HD), and DVR service products.



This CSP / ISP is a long-term customer of Allot, having deployed Allot traffic management solutions for nine years, for better visibility and control applying QoS for data traffic.


The customer approached Allot following a massive DDoS attack on their network, involving SYN, TOS and Ping floods. Although the operator had a DDoS mitigation solution in place from Radware, it was not sufficient to withstand the capacity needed to address the new threat of large-scale attacks. The customer was looking for a DDoS protection solution that could effectively mitigate volumetric attacks to ensure that network resources were protected and users’ service was not affected. The customer also needed a reliable professional service to support them during major attacks to prevent any direct or collateral damage to their business.



In response to their need, the customer was introduced to the Allot ServiceProtector DDoS Protection solution by a local partner of Allot who specialized in security solutions. As the customer was already satisfied with Allot and its products, it decided to trial the ServiceProtector in its network. Having already deployed the Allot Service Gateway Tera multiservice platform (SGT), it could easily and quickly enable the Allot ServiceProtector DDoS mitigation capability on its main platform. After trialing Allot ServiceProtector on premise, the customer was confident in the solution’s ability to effectively mitigate a variety of high volume attacks and address their need. Together with the Emergency Response Service delivered by Allot experts, it received exactly what it needed.



Allot’s solution is strategically deployed at a network level to provide robust security for the network. Allot ServiceProtector is activated as part of the Allot Service Gateway Tera multiservice platform (SGT). Allot inline mitigation inspects 100% of the network traffic and provides the industry’s highest capacity for an inline platform starting from 500Gbps per single unit and scalable to 4 Tbps in a cluster formation.




Allot was chosen by the customer because of the following combination of factors:


  • Reliability: The customer was already aware of Allot’s capabilities and reputation based on its existing deployment of Allot traffic management technology
  • Capacity: Allot demonstrated that its solution was more capable than competitors of mitigating large-scale threats and volumetric attacks
  • Service: Allot’s ability to deliver a powerful and effective DDoS solution was complemented by quality Emergency Response Service
  • Simplicity: As the customer had already deployed the Allot Service Gateway Tera platform (SGT), the integration and activation of the Allot ServiceProtector solution was naturally straightforward and fast
  • Cost: The solution was an add-on the existing Service Gateway platform rather than an additional standalone platform, which made its implementation cost-effective



Network operators understand the importance of network security to ensure reliable and fast connectivity and consistent quality of experience for their users. Allot delivers this in a way that is flexible, future-proof, comprehensive and cost-effective, which helps to reinforce operators’ service offering and support the ongoing growth of their business.

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