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“Service Protector has blocked many attacks for us. It is one of the best products we have ever bought.”

Stacy Evans, Manager of Network Engineering, BVU


Offer household subscribers protection from DDoS attacks and malware that is fast to deploy, ease to manage and offers revenue generation opportunities.


Deploy Allot Service Protector as part of Allot Service Gateway to provide network protection.


  • Maximum security
  • Easy to on-board
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Rapid roll-out

Protecting the Customer Experience with Enhanced Security


About BVU

BVU (Bristol Virginia Utilities) is a utilities and internet service provider. Its service provider business offers telephone, cable TV and advanced fiber-optic broadband services to over 13,000 subscribers in a 125 square-mile area to Bristol, Virginia and south-west Virginia. BVU is recognized as the first municipal utility in the USA to deploy an all-fiber network offering the triple play of video, voice and data services.



BVU experienced an increase in the frequency of DDoS attacks to the point where many attacks were impacting the customer experience. BVU needed to eliminate the impact of DDoS attacks to maintain its subscriber satisfaction. Additionally, BVU identified multiple occasions when gamers launched attacks against other gamers, so BVU wanted to minimize the damage of this activity to unsuspecting subscribers.

The challenge was to offer BVU value-added security features that would protect its network from DDoS attacks without impacting network services and application performance. BVU needed a security solution that was easy to integrate with its existing offering, quickly identified inbound attacks, automatically mitigated those attacks, and provided protection with precision so that customers are unaware an attack occurred.Solution



Allot Service Protector was implemented on BVU’s network to provide DDoS detection and mitigation. Allot Service Protector is a self-learning system that builds dynamic signatures in real-time. This approach protects against zero-day attacks and eliminates the need to manage an external database. Allot Service Protector provides the following key features for DDoS Protection:


High Performance

  • 100% packet and flow inspection
  • Real-Time Detection and Mitigation < 2 minutes
  • No performance degradation during attacks

Real-time Detection

  • Dynamic Attack Signatures
  • Detect Zero-Day Attacks
  • No need to maintain a signature database

Precise Mitigation

  • Targets attack flows
  • Mitigation Performed In-Band (without scrubbing center)
  • Application and Session Awareness limits collateral damage

Operational Efficiencies

  • Centralized GUI for real-time and historic attack reporting/threat analysis
  • Real-Time Email Alerts
  • SIEM integration and Syslog support



BVU introduced Allot Service Protector for DDoS protection, running on Allot’s AC-6000 NetEnforcer to monitor and manage its data traffic and maximize subscribers’ QoE. The solution protects against DoS and DDoS floods using SYN, RST, ACK , unusual flag combinations, UDP floods, DNS floods, ICMP floods, fragmented packets, very large packets, runts, and unusual protocols.




Real-time protection and mitigation

  • 24/7 defense against the largest volumetric attacks, with mitigation bandwidth of Terabits per second
  • Stop DDoS attacks at carrier backbone or network edge, far from users
  • Mitigate inline without diverting massive data volumes to cloud scrubbing centers

Visibility and root cause intelligence

  • Real-time visibility into attackers and their targets on the network
  • Detailed reporting and threat analytics
  • Treats root cause of infected endpoints so they can be stopped without affecting others
  • Eliminates spammer abuse complaints and appearance on blacklists

Flexibility and cost savings

  • Drives efficiencies with on-premise, cloud and / or hybrid deployment
  • Lowers operational overhead through automated mitigation of internal spammers
  • Accelerates ROI through full integration in Allot Service Gateway



Allot Service Protector enhances networks’ security and protects subscribers from the adverse effects of DDoS and malware attacks, which safeguards their quality of experience. Consequently, customers’ data is protected, thereby increasing brand loyalty, and generating incremental revenue. Allot Web Security solutions are network-based, so they have no impact on device performance or battery life. Moreover, subscribers enjoy uniform setup options for all devices and ease of use and maintenance.

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