ITCenter – integrator for Altice Enterprise, EMEA

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ITCenter – integrator for Altice Enterprise, EMEA




Allot Traffic Intelligence solution for Advanced Technology Providers


Advanced Technology Providers



Application Control and Traffic Prioritization for Technology Integrators


About IT Center

ITCenter develops and supplies communication and security solutions for big service provider accounts, big enterprises, and sell-through solutions. The company is the main integrator for Altice Enterprises, which maintains its MEO, PT Enterprises, SAPO, MOCHE, and UZO subsidiaries.


The Challenge

ITCenter is the main integrator of Altice Enterprise, constructing and managing their data centers. As part of creating Altice’s 2nd data center, ITCenter had to make sure Altice Eneterprise successfully cope with the following challenges, typical of most data centers:

  • Protecting business customers’ SLA by ensuring availability and optimized digital experience to their mission-critical applications, protecting the network, and assuring clean pipes.
  • Minimizing network expansion costs by gaining improved visibility into the entire network traffic – encrypted and non-encrypted to understand how to prevent congestion, prioritize the traffic, and optimize network resources.
  • Protect Altice’s reputation by safeguarding network hygiene and ensuring QoS and QoE, even under DDoS attack.


The Solution

ITCenter deployed the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Advanced Technology Providers sector. The solution is powered by Allot SG-9700 and SG-9500 in two data centers with active redundancy and centralized management. The solution provides 360⁰ real-time granular visibility on network performance, QoS and QoE per business customer’s level, thus ensuring SLAs and customer’s optimized digital experience.

The advanced control capabilities and intuitive UI enable to easily define traffic prioritization and shaping rules, on a business customer level, to avoid congestion and optimize network utilization.

The solution also provides DDoS attack protection and mitigation, which safeguards network hygiene and ensures QoS & QoE, even under attack.


The Benefits

Thanks to the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance solution for the Advanced Technology Providers sector, ITCenter helps Altice Enterprise assure customers’ SLA, reduce network expansion costs by optimizing network resources and protect Altice’s reputation and brand image.


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