Deliver More Services to More Customers

Allot Service Gateways are high-performance DPI-based platforms built to power the delivery of digital lifestyle services and quality of experience in fixed, mobile or cloud networks. Providing a unified framework for traffic visibility, usage analytics, policy enforcement and value-added service deployment across any access network, Allot Service Gateway platforms help you control and optimize the heaviest traffic loads and ensure that your network keeps pace with the growing demand for differentiated services and quality of experience.

Differentiate your services and improve Quality of Experience

Allot Service Gateways provide a single point of seamless integration in your network for real-time data sourcing, traffic management, quality of experience control, customer engagement, DDoS protection and web security. Allot also lets you integrate value-added services from other leading vendors. Allot Service Gateway platforms minimize interoperability and integration issues and provide centralized management of all the value-added services you deliver to your customers. With the visibility, reliability, performance, and service integration provided by Allot, you can differentiate your service offering and improve the quality of experience you deliver to every customer.

Powerful Chassis Edition

Tier-1 service providers and global enterprises the world over rely on Allot Service Gateway Tera to power service delivery and monetization in their networks. Our flexible, chassis-based platform helps you tailor capacity, throughput and value-added services to fit the requirements of any network and scale up as your requirements grow.

Efficient Appliance Edition

Allot Service Gateway 9000 series provides our powerful service delivery platform in an Intel-based appliance. Its small footprint is equipped with the same rich features and functions as the chassis-based Allot Service Gateway, enabling rapid and cost-effective rollout of revenue-generating services as you lower your total cost of ownership and accelerate ROI.

Virtual Edition

Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition is designed for NFV/SDN environments, providing a virtualized framework for the deployment and seamless interoperability of virtualized services including Parental Control, Anti-Malware, URL Filtering, DDoS Mitigation, Traffic Management, Network Analytics, and more. Allot SG-VE and our portfolio of Allot Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are engineered to simplify service deployment, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-revenue for service providers.

With Allot Service Gateway Platforms you can:

  • Roll out services cost-effectively and accelerate time-to-revenue
  • Expand revenue opportunities with effective onboarding, application-based services and charging
  • Build attractive value propositions by complementing OTT services with single management and local support, single bill, single sign-on and other service provider advantages
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) across any network access
  • Consolidate infrastructure with a multiservice platform
  • Reduce operating costs through centralized management, configuration, and upgrades
  • Collect granular usage data from the network to analyze network performance, user behavior, and Quality of Experience
  • Protect your investment and pay as you grow with flexible, standards-based platforms in physcial and virtualized environments

Independent Tolly testers put the Allot SG-VE service framework and one of our security VNFs through its paces.

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Extreme performance

Satisfies the ever-growing demand for Internet and cloud services and bandwidth with 10 GE and 100 GE connectivity and up to Terabits-per-second of throughput.

Seamless service integration

Helps you to cost-effectively roll out services and accelerate ROI. As a unified platform from service integration, Allot Service Gateway seamlessly integrates a variety of value-added services, including revenue-generating security services powered by Allot WebSafe Personal (endpoint safe-browsing, parental control, anti-malware, anti-virus), network protection services powered by Allot ServiceProtector (anti-DDoS, anti-bot), and regulatory compliance capabilities powered by Allot ContentProtector (illegal content filtering).

Intelligent traffic steering and service chaining

Facilitates unlimited differentiation possibilities by expertly steering application and user traffic to Allot and third-party VAS systems, and intelligently forwarding IP flows through relevant service chains, in both physical and virtual network environments.

Future-proof scalability

Reduces initial capital outlay and allows quick response to market changes through a scalable platform architecture designed for pay-as-you-grow deployment of capacity, connectivity, throughput, and value-added services to meet every network need – all with central configuration and management from a single console.

High availability, reliability

Chassis edition complies with NEBS Level 3 plus 1+1 redundancy at the system level. N+1 blade-level redundancy mechanisms ensure reliable uptime and service continuity. Appliance edition supports 1+1 redundancy.

Open architecture

Facilitates rapid integration of third-party services. Allot Service Gateway platforms are engineered to industry standards for off-the-shelf, carrier-grade hardware with standard software interfaces, protocols, and APIs.

High resolution data records

Collects a rich variety of network usage data in real-time and enables operators to export high-resolution data records in standard formats to business intelligence systems and other systems, giving them ready access to usage data that is critical to their business.

SDN and NFV compatibility

Enables control-plane elements to manage service delivery based on application, user, device, and context. This is achieved by bringing multiple dimensions of data-plane awareness and control-plane integration to NFV and SDN environments. See Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition datasheet for more information.

First-browse Onboarding

Welcome new customers to your network and engage them on their very first browse when they are most receptive to new service offers, so you can:

  • Increase uptake of consumer services and apps
  • Provide a welcome experience that is tailored to different smartphone capabilities
  • Avoid over-engagement and assure brand loyalty

Application-based Charging

Leverage our user-application awareness to rapidly roll out unique service plans based on the latest and most popular applications so you can:

  • Increase ARPU
  • Enhance customer choice and increase loyalty
  • Differentiate your service offering


Bill Shock Prevention

Prevent bill shock and comply with regulations by notifying customers in real time of roaming data charges, before connection is established and browsing begins, so you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Avoid revenue loss from waived charges
  • Generate new revenue via upsell opportunities


Fair Use Management

Manage application performance and user QoE on the basis of congestion thresholds across the entire network, so you can:

  • Reduce network congestion
  • Assure service availability/delivery even when the network is congested
  • Enhance customer QoE


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