The Smart Way to Protect Users and Control Application Performance

Your business relies on employees and customers being able to connect and work productively with mission-critical applications at all times and from any location. The performance and efficiency of your network can be easily compromised by the ever-increasing demand for LAN, WAN and Internet bandwidth driven by cloud, mobile and video applications. Moreover, the growing use of BYOD and shadow IT have opened complex attack vectors for web threats to infect user devices, get into your network, and harm business productivity and viability. Allot Secure Service Gateway combines the functionality of Allot Service Gateway with our powerful web security and DDoS protection systems, to offer a single, scalable solution that lowers the cost of supporting your evolving requirements for application and user visibility, performance, and security.

Get the visibility you need to control application performance

Allot provides live traffic monitoring and usage reporting according to traffic policies that are mapped to your complex data center and cloud applications, giving you full visibility and control of application performance, web access, user quality of experience, shadow IT and web threats.

Protect users from Internet threats and enforce acceptable use

Allot helps you embrace and maximize the business value of cloud (web) applications by detecting and blocking malware, phishing and other web threats before they harm application performance and user productivity. Allot Secure Service Gateway also detects and surgically filters DDoS and bot traffic before it affects your network.

Protect network uptime and efficiency

Allot Secure Service Gateway is built on the same carrier-class performance and reliability that Allot brings to many of the world’s largest network operators. Flexible redundancy configurations plus passive bypass with automatic port failover maximize uptime and availability.

Automate operations and lower TCO

Allot Secure Service Gateway integrates multiple functions in an Intel-based platform that protects your investment and lets you scale from 2 to 22 ports of 1GE/10GE network connectivity in a single appliance.

With Allot Secure Service Gateway you can:

  • See how well your mission-critical applications are performing and supporting user productivity
  • Control application performance and improve Quality of Experience according to business priorities
  • Keep malicious or unauthorized user/application traffic off your network
  • Neutralize threats and ensure ongoing performance of business applications
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policy for shadow IT, BYOD, resource usage
  • Troubleshoot and resolve network issues in real time
  • Simplify and automate your operations
  • Reduce opex and TCO

Let us show you how Allot Secure Service Gateway solutions can advance your business.

Full Visibility

Allot Secure Service Gateway helps you obtain a 360° view of the QoE that your employees, customers, and branches are getting from your datacenter and cloud applications. It sheds light on shadow IT, BYOD, and mobile app usage that might otherwise go unnoticed.  The same platform also includes comprehensive web threat and DDoS visibility, enabling you to understand and measure the impact of malware, phishing, and flooding attacks on your network.  Key visibility features include:

  • Layer 7 application visibility
  • SSL encrypted traffic visibility
  • Web content and web threat visibility
  • Real-time visibility into DDoS attackers and their targets in your network
  • User and endpoint visibility with L4-L7 QoE KPIs
  • Dashboard monitoring and analytics
  • Live, self-refreshing performance metrics reporting in a granularity of seconds

Granular Control

The highly granular visibility provided by Allot allows you to act with the same level of granularity to maintain optimal network efficiency and high application performance. Allot helps you enforce Acceptable use policy and prioritize applications that are critical to your business by providing powerful policy tools that enable you to virtually partition LAN, WAN and Internet resources so that users and applications no longer compete with one another for bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS). Key control capabilities include:

  • Central and simple QoS policy management
  • Supporting hundreds of thousands of dynamic traffic policies
  • Automated QoS policy propagation to all deployed appliances
  • Asymmetric QoS policy synchronized in real time across multiple datacenters
  • Threshold-based enforcement (e.g., CER, live connections)
  • Actionable alarms

Web Security

Allot Secure Service Gateway combines superior application visibility and control with SSL inspection and web security powered by Kaspersky Lab, BitDefender and Sophos technologies, so you can prevent malicious attacks from threatening your optimized network while enabling employees and customers to use the Internet and cloud applications safely and productively. Key web security capabilities include:

  • Web Filtering: Assure safe Internet use and prevent employee exposure to illegal or inappropriate web content in the workplace. Set the URLs and content categories you want to filter; limit access to certain times of the day, enable unblock requests, and receive admin alerts on filtering events.
  • Anti-Malware: Prevent viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, phishing, and other malware from damaging mobile devices, infiltrating your network and causing loss of business data. Requires no action from users and no resources from their devices.
  • Risky Apps Control: Block or limit use of risky applications that are often a conduit for malware insertion, data leakage and circumvention of your security measures.

DDoS and Bot Protection

Allot Secure Service Gateway helps you neutralize volumetric DoS/DDoS attacks and neutralize outbound traffic from bot-infected hosts before they are able to impact network performance and business viability. Key network protection features include:

  • Inspection every inbound and outbound packet to ensure no threat goes undetected.
  • Dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of DDoS attack packets without over-blocking
  • Detection of abnormal outbound connection activity and malicious connection patterns
  • Root cause treatment of outbound spam, worm propagation and port scanning
  • Elimination of the additional load these attacks put on your network

Control Hospitality WiFi QoE

Make sure the employees and customers who use your complimentary or paid WiFi services receive reliable and high-quality connectivity and response time without overloading your network resources. With Allot Secure Service Gateway, you can:

  • Match WiFi quality of experience to diverse groups of customers and employees
  • Increase revenue through tiered WiFi packages, including on-demand and post-event upsell
  • Improve resource utilization and planning through full visibility and usage tracking

Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement

Define and automatically enforce the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that matches your organization’s needs for security, productivity, and resource utilization so you can:

  • Prevent excessive non-business use of the network
  • Improve user productivity and satisfaction
  • Prevent non-sanctioned use of shadow IT, VPN tunnels, and risky apps

Optimize Office 365 Performance

Understand how Office 365 applications are used, how they perform under different network conditions, and what you can do to ensure good QoE. Then, craft traffic management policies to deliver predictable performance to your Office 365 users so you can

  • Ensure availability and response-time of Office 365 even when network is congested
  • Enhance employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce help desk calls

Fair Use Management

Instead of scrambling to install and maintain the right security measures on all employee devices, use Allot’s network-based web security to cast a company-wide protection net that is updated 24/7, requires no action from employees, and no resources from their devices, so you can:

  • Prevent viruses, Trojans, bots, spyware, adware, and other malware from infecting employees devices
  • Protect employees from falling victim to phishing schemes that can jeopardize your network and data integrity
  • Assure that employees can use Internet and cloud resources safely and productively

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