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Allot Products for Enterprise

Allot Secure Service Gateway provides a scalable solution to support your organization’s evolving requirements for network visibility, performance, and security. Deployed at data center, WAN and Internet access points, Allot transforms the basic connectivity of your network into an application-aware and user-aware resource that connects people with their applications efficiently and productively.

Allot Secure Service Gateway
Increase enterprise productivity and security by aligning network performance to business priorities, control the use of risky and unsanctioned application and implement web security and DDoS protection.
Allot Gateway Manager
Centrally manage network-wide policies with granular application, user and location control.
Allot Network Secure
Secure your users against phishing, ransomware and cryptojacking with network based, always up-to-date anti-malware and web security.
Allot ClearSee Network Analytics
Identify the demands on your network and assure performance of business applications.


Allot Products & Solutions for Enterprise
Enterprise Use Cases
Here’s a selection of real-network use cases that demonstrate the breadth of Allot Visibility, Control and Security solutions for enterprise.

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