Mexican Broadband Provider Selects Allot Cybersecurity Solution to Protect Small Business and Home Office Customers from Cyberattacks

Mexican Broadband Provider Selects Allot Cybersecurity Solution to Protect Small Business and Home Office Customers from Cyberattacks

Broadband provider to provide SMB and Home Office cybersecurity and content control services. Provider and Allot will share recurring security service revenue.


HOD HASHARON, Israel, October 7, 2021 Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT, TASE: ALLT), a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises, announced today that a Mexican broadband provider has chosen Allot BusinessSecure to provide a zero-touch solution to protect the company’s fixed broadband small and medium business (SMB)  and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) customers against a wide range of cyber threats and to provide content controls.


Once subscribed, SMB and SOHO customers will be protected against emerging cybersecurity threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing and other types of cyberattacks, without the need to download anything onto their devices. The Allot BusinessSecure solution will also enable the creation of content control policies that can be centrally configured per device and by groups of devices to filter Websites by category, and limit access by time of day. SMB and SOHO subscribers to the cybersecurity services will pay a monthly fee that will yield recurring revenue to be shared between the provider and Allot.


Allot BusinessSecure provides security for the devices connected to the business network including IoT and smart appliances. It integrates into the existing business router with the addition of a thin software client that provides network visibility, cybersecurity and content controls without the need for any installation on the end customer’s devices. Allot BusinessSecure identifies the devices connected to the router and detects and acts upon device behavior. The solution also protects the router itself from security vulnerabilities, using password strength enforcement, port analysis and protection, and unauthorized access controls.


“Similar to residential customers, SMBs and SOHOs can now rely on their CSPs to protect them from  cyber threats like malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. That’s why we offer solutions like BusinessSecure to CSPs,” said Amir Oren, Vice President Sales for EMEA and LATAM at Allot. “Benefiting from easy mass-market onboarding, increased customer satisfaction, supplemental revenue and a new channel for branded customer engagement, a growing number of CSPs are turning to Allot for cybersecurity solutions that their customers are demanding.”




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