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Allot’s DDoS Protection Identified as Optimal Mitigation Approach for Service Providers as Specified by Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan whitepaper reveals how service providers can achieve effective security against increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks

August 3, 2017 – Hod Hasharon, Israel – Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALLT), a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers and enterprises to protect and personalize the digital experience, confirmed today that its DDoS Protection solution takes an approach identified by analysts Frost & Sullivan as an optimal way for service providers to thwart increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks.


Frost & Sullivan’s new white paper, “Service Provider Requirements for DDoS Mitigation” reveals how service providers can best address the growing threat of DDoS attacks that have become more frequent and formidable than ever. In particular, it discusses the effectiveness of integrated DDoS mitigation solutions that provide a crucial combination of features for protecting service provider networks. The whitepaper notes that such a vital combination is rare to find in a single appliance. Allot Communications DDoS protection offers this type of solution.


Frost & Sullivan advises that inline DDoS mitigation with DPI-based traffic analysis provides an optimal multi-layer defense. It states that such a solution can identify both inbound and outbound threats, facilitate network optimization by enforcing acceptable use policies, and sustain users’ QoE (Quality of Experience). The whitepaper discusses one such integrated DDoS mitigation solution, offered by Allot Communications as a single, purpose-built appliance. Such a solution would offer vital capabilities for protecting service provider networks, but could also offer value in terms of optimization and cost reduction.


“The mitigation of DDoS attacks is now a top priority for enterprises and service providers alike. Attackers are modifying their behaviors to evade defenses. For example, traditional DDoS detection tools that rely on baselines and sampling require time to accurately diagnose an attack in progress before starting the mitigation process,” reveals Frost & Sullivan Network Security Senior Industry Analyst Chris Rodriguez. “In addition, attackers are utilizing ‘hit-and-run’ style attacks, lasting only a few minutes, to defeat time-dependent defenses such as centralized scrubbing centers or on-demand cloud services, ”


“Enterprise organizations are already challenged to solve the DDoS problem on their own. Service providers have their own networks to defend, but can also utilize DDoS mitigation services to gain an edge over the competition, offering DDoS mitigation to their own customers as a value-added feature or a dedicated premium service,” added Rodriguez


“The new breed of IoT-based DDoS attacks requires dynamic solutions and Allot’s solution provides these,” said Ronen Priel, VP Product Management & Marketing at Allot Communications. “Networks need comprehensive defense against these threats without compromising operational efficiency, so that quality of experience and services are maintained, and providers’ business is therefore safeguarded. With Allot, service providers can achieve this.”


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About Allot Communications

Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALLT) is a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable enterprises and service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience. Allot’s flexible and highly scalable service delivery framework leverages the intelligence in data networks enabling enterprises and service providers to get closer to their customers; to safeguard network assets and users; and to accelerate time-to-revenue for value-added services. We employ innovative technology, proven know-how and a collaborative approach to provide the right solution for every network environment. Allot solutions are currently deployed at 5 of the top 10 global mobile operators and in thousands of CSP and enterprise networks worldwide. For more information, please visit



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