Big data contains important information

Network operators sit on a wealth of data. The Internet traffic generated by connected applications and customers is big and includes many details. Turning your big data into meaningful information is the key to delivering digital services successfully and profitably. It starts with accurate source data that enables you to deploy and evaluate network services not only from the perspective of bits consumed, but from the perspective of online behaviors, Quality of Experience (QoE), usage patterns, and the context in which they occur.

Insight starts at the data source

Our data source solutions help you get a clear picture of the way your digital services are evolving, and better insight into the direction you should be steering your business. Allowing you to extract and leverage real usage data from your own network, they enable you to make data-driven business decisions, opening the door to virtually unlimited opportunities for customer engagement and service monetization, such as:

  • Micro-segmentation
  • Contextual mobile marketing and advertising
  • QoE outreach campaigns
  • Real-time upselling
  • Revenue-sharing with Over-The-Top (OTT) providers
  • Data bundling and brokering
  • Closing the gap between new service idea and deployment

Smart management of network performance and profitability

Our network analytics solutions deliver the business intelligence essential to improve network performance, optimize capital investment, reduce costs, and drive business profitability. Bringing all your network data together in one place, they provide the tools to gain valuable insight and make informed business decisions based on real network usage and application performance, rather than estimates and assumptions. Our solutions provide a full complement of powerful analytics tools – from the industry’s most granular and accurate data records, to our unique self-service reporting and insightful analytics. Scalable to support the most demanding big data requirements, they help your decision-makers to:

  • Understand subscriber analytics to better predict and avoid congestion
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Save on resource CAPEX and OPEX through accurate planning
  • Understand the delivery needs of popular applications
  • Track the video QoE delivered by your network
  • Increase troubleshooting efficiency and the ability to plan around problematic areas
  • Reduce trial and error in resolving customer complaints

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