DDoS Protection

Your network is under cyberattack every day. Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) bots are finding more sophisticated ways to flood your network with large volumes of traffic that threaten network performance, uptime and integrity. And now, IoT devices are adding millions to the ranks of potential users that can mount volumetric attacks against your network. Allot DDoS Protection solutions help you stop Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) and Zero Day cyber-attacks in real-time, before they are able to disrupt or deny service to your legitimate users, including business customers who rely on your network for cloud applications and IT hosting services. With Allot’s DDoS Protection network security software you gain visibility into attackers and their targets in your network, and then have the ability to stop volumetric attacks at edge, far from your customers and thus eliminate the need to divert massive volumes of data to scrubbing centers.

IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of making our lives easier and better. But not necessarily more secure. Off-the-shelf devices, which are already deployed by the millions worldwide, often lack basic security measures, making them an easy target for cybercriminals to hack and recruit for their own malicious purposes. Allot IoT traffic control solutions provide an effective first line of defense against the potential IoT botnets lurking in your network. Allot employs multiple methods to detect anomalous IoT device behavior and block or limit traffic anomalies in real-time, before network performance and availability are compromised. Allot also pinpoints the source of the anomalous behavior, so you can quickly cleanup infected devices.

Outbound Threat Protection

Not all threats are external. Many originate inside your network. Outbound spam, worm propagation, and port scanning perpetrated by bot-infected users cause network congestion and can result in operator blacklisting. Allot solutions automatically detect and block such outbound threats so you can prevent network blacklisting and eliminate additional load on the network from IP scanning and bot activity.

Attack Visibility and Protection at Scale

With Allot network security solutions you gain granular visibility and in-depth insight into inbound/outbound cyberattacks and IoT traffic anomalies as well scalable protection to neutralize even the largest volumetric attacks with mitigation bandwidth of Terabits per second. For example, real-time alerts on behavior outliers of IoT connected devices help you identify and address potential threats before they turn into real ones. Armed with granular visibility into attackers and their targets in your network, you can plan defense strategies and automate mitigation measures to better protect your network infrastructure and hosted resources.

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DDoS Protection

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