Quality of Experience determines satisfaction and loyalty

Delivering a high Quality of Experience (QoE) to your subscribers and users is critical to customer satisfaction and retaining the customer. Degraded performance for voice, video or web sessions will result in more calls to your customer support team and increased churn.

Identify performance degradation and improve performance

We offer a number of Experience Management solutions that will help you to both identify network performance degradation and automatically improve network performance:

  • ClearSee Analytics and Data Source: Utilize data records to obtain a wealth of information on QoE for video (stall count and duration, push to play time, video resolution, bit rate) and web (server response time, bit rate, download time, HTTP errors).Our ClearSee Business Intelligence GUI offers an experience domain which reports video and browsing QoE per subscriber, application or device.
  • VoIP QoE Monitor: Conduct simultaneous real-time analysis and correlation of both media streams and VoIP signaling protocols to obtain a comprehensive solution for monitoring end user voice quality.
  • VideoClass: Significantly improve the quality and efficiency of Over The Top (OTT) video delivery by reducing operation costs through bandwidth savings and by providing a consistently high quality OTT video experience.
  • MediaSwift E: Store frequently-requested videos and files closer to end users using this media caching solution to ensure superior QoE.

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451 Research

“…with global tier one operators looking for ever more help managing over-the-top video traffic…there is a clear need for what Allot is selling: more surgical traffic optimization and delivery.” Read more.


Customer satisfaction and loyalty is based on providing a superior experience. Read more about measuring the mobile video experience.

ClearSee Analytics

Our ClearSee Analytics turns big data into usable data that drives customer satisfaction and service profitability. Read more.