Awareness is about network and application visibility

While enterprises and managed service providers intuitively understand that Internet and WAN access is a bottleneck, they often cannot pinpoint the root cause of congestion. Clear visibility of every application and network transaction is critical to understanding how well cloud data centers and applications are handling workloads and supporting user productivity. Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions provide granular visibility per application, user, endpoint, URL and SLA, with continuous real-time reporting.

Analytics is about understanding your network

Our solutions help you collect data from across your network and analyze it in order to understand your current state of affairs and determine the best way forward. And our rich reporting and analytics tools help you to:

  • Track access utilization, top applications, top endpoints, and other popular metrics
  • Track the performance of critical applications for users and cloud tenants
  • Measure SLA performance over time
  • Customize usage reports for different audiences or users
  • Automatically generate and distribute reports to relevant audiences

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DART Technology

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Buyer's Guide

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Solution Brief

It’s all about gaining complete visibility and control at scale. Read how we ensure the availability, performance and security of cloud applications, as well as the QoS that each of your users expects. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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