Intelligent Traffic Management

Your traffic management efforts are only as good as the applications you can see and identify. That’s why Allot Traffic Management and Optimization solutions give you granular visibility and policy-based control of every IP flow and application transaction on your network. As service provider networks carry ever-growing volumes of Internet and cloud traffic that strain the network in different ways, it becomes more complex and costly to assure the performance of applications and services. Allot helps you overcome these challenges so you can manage traffic according to your business priorities as well as dynamic network and user conditions, and in full compliance with net neutrality guidelines. As a result, you can control congestion at any point in the network, and reduce costs without compromising the user experience.

QoE Optimization

Seamless integration with Allot’s Experience Management solutions complements and enhances your ability to manage congestion and ensure quality of experience. These additional capabilities include real-time video optimization, media caching, as well as compression and acceleration of Web (TCP) traffic. By activating Allot’s real-time traffic steering and service-chaining policies, you can easily incorporate these optimization services into your Traffic Management plans. With Allot Intelligent Traffic Management & Optimization solutions, you can:

  • Gain accurate visibility and control over application, user, and device traffic
  • Control congestion and eliminate sluggishness and downtime
  • Assure seamless quality of experience across all access networks
  • Adjust service delivery to shifting network conditions and user requirements
  • Optimize resource utilization and control costs

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