Australia – Wholesale Telecoms Aggregator, Fixed Broadband

Australia – Broadband Wholesaler Improves Business by Protecting Downstream Networks from DDoS Threats

Europe Tier-1 Wireless Broadband Provider

Europe Tier-1 wireless broadband provider deploys first-of-its-kind solution to differentiate service & enhance QoE on fixed wireless access

Africa National Broadband Carrier

Africa national broadband carrier secures DSL infrastructure against cyber attacks without installing new equipment

LATAM Converged Network Operator

Actionable Analytics Help Operator Prevent Fraud on Application-Based Services

Tier-1 LATAM Global Service Provider

Global CSP Grabs Mobile Data Market-Share with Zero-Rated Apps while Preventing Fraud and Revenue Leakage

Tier-1 APAC Mobile Operator

Asian Operator Automates IoT Traffic Management and Security


BVU Deploys Allot Service Protector to Safeguard the Customer Experience with Enhanced Security

Voo Customer Story

VOO Extends Infrastructure Capacity with Granular Congestion Management and DDoS Protection

Tier-1 Service Provider Customer Story

Gaining Valuable Insight with Allot Network Data Source and Analytics

R Customer Story

R Saves 15% on MVNO Bandwidth by Optimizing Video and Web Traffic