Your First Line of Network Defense Against Cyber Threats

Your network is under cyberattack every day. Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) bots are finding more sophisticated ways to flood your network with large volumes of traffic that threaten network performance, uptime and integrity. Even IoT devices are being exploited by cybercriminals to mount large-scale attacks against service provider networks, especially hit-and-run attacks. Allot real-time DDoS Protection solutions help you establish a first line of defense against DDoS and Zero Day cyber-attacks, detecting and surgically mitigating even the biggest attacks on the spot, before they are able to disrupt or deny service to legitimate network users.

Inbound and Outbound DDoS Protection

Not all threats are external. Many originate inside your network. Off-the-shelf IoT devices, which are already deployed by the millions worldwide, often lack basic security measures, making them an easy target for cybercriminals to exploit for large-scale DDoS attacks. Allot DDoS Protection monitors inbound and outbound flows and employs multiple network anomaly detection methods to detect attack packets as well as IoT traffic that exceeds normal thresholds both in volume and intensity (packet per second) and immediately block it. Allot also pinpoints the source of the anomalous behavior, so you can quickly isolate infected devices from the network.

Bot Containment

Bot-infected users are often the culprits behind network congestion and sluggish performance. Allot solutions automatically detect and block worm propagation, and port scanning traffic generated by bot-infected users, so you can eliminate this illegitimate traffic load on your network. Allot also pinpoints the source of the anomalous behavior, enabling you to treat the root cause of the threat as well as the symptoms.

Real-time protection at scale

DDoS attacks are ramping up to Terabits per second and coming in from multiple trajectories. When it comes to stopping attacks, every second counts. While cloud-based DDoS solutions are easily overwhelmed by attacks of this magnitude, Allot DDoS Protection operates inline with capacity that scales up to 8 Tbps, which allows you to detect and immediately mitigate DDoS attacks at Internet exchange and peering points – far away from your customers and without diverting massive volumes of traffic to cloud scrubbing centers, where more time is needed to analyze and mitigate the attack.

Valuable threat intelligence

With Allot DDoS protection you gain complete visibility of inbound and outbound traffic anomalies that threaten your network, including real-time alerts on network traffic outliers that help you identify and address potential incidents before they turn into real ones. Armed with accurate intelligence about attackers and their targets in your network, you can implement defense strategies and automate mitigation measures to assure service continuity of your network and hosted resources without overblocking.

Multiservice value

DDoS Protection is one of the multiservice solutions powered by Allot Service Gateway, whose high performance and practically unlimited scalability have made it the multiservice platform of choice for more than 1000 service providers worldwide.

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