Satellite broadband services need optimization

Satellite service providers offer broadband Internet connectivity to every corner of the globe, particularly in areas that are either difficult to reach or fiber cannot reach. Today’s technologies enable the efficient downloading and uploading of large files, and provide stream video with practically the same quality as landline broadband services. One of the greatest challenges of inherent in this service is the cost of bandwidth on VSAT links. More than any other broadband configuration, satellite broadband services must be optimized as bandwidth costs continue to determine viability in different markets.

Our solutions help service provider meet their needs 

Our intelligent traffic management tools are playing a key role in helping satellite broadband providers ensure that their bandwidth costs do not outpace revenue growth, and that the broadband usage needs and expectations of all subscribers are met.

Our intelligent traffic management tools provide:

  • Service monitoring: Understanding how subscriber services are consuming network resources in real-time and over time
  • Subscriber-application and network topology awareness: Granular network intelligence to manage traffic per application, subscriber, uplink/downlink, service plan, and according to local conditions
  • Congestion management: Consistent user experience during periods of congestion through prioritization and/or expediting the delivery of applications
  • Tiered  and quota management service enablement: Competitive subscriber service plans based on personal Quality of Service (QoS) policies and usage allowances
  • Botnet and outgoing spam protection: Fast and accurate neutralization of botnets and outgoing spam
  • Integrated network & subscriber services: Generation of new value-added network and subscriber services


Mobile Video Experience

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Bandwidth Management

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Experience Management

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Network Planning

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Service Tiering

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Video Optimization

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Clean Data

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DDoS Protection

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Blacklist Prevention

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