Defense against cyber attacks is essential

Employee productivity depends on the reliable performance of the applications they use for work, collaboration and effective support of customers. But as data centers and applications move to the cloud, they become more vulnerable to threats from Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks and other malicious traffic designed to flood and exhaust computation and server resources until business applications and user productivity grind to a halt.

Our solutions protect cloud data centers

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions protect cloud-based data centers by establishing a first line of defense against cyber attacks. This is achieved by:

Detecting and neutralizing DoS/DDoS and Zero Day attacks within seconds, before they can do damage

  • Allowing legitimate traffic to continue to flow unimpeded
  • Ensuring ongoing performance of critical business applications
  • Minimizing the risk of outages
  • Gaining visibility into attackers and their targets in your cloud

In this way, the availability of your network and application infrastructure is assured under the most demanding conditions.

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