Educational enterprises are broadband providers 

Education enterprises, particularly universities and colleges, have become de facto providers of local and remote broadband services to students, teaching staff, employees, alumni and donors.

  • Students typically bring their own devices and use ubiquitous WiFi to access educational as well as recreational content and applications. And since many courses are conducted online, unified communications support is essential. In most universities today, students receive computing, storage and network resources in the university cloud and open trouble tickets when things fail to work correctly.
  • Professors, instructors and researchers often use bandwidth-intensive software and collaborate online with local and international colleagues on research and grant projects.
  • Alumni and donors receive their own flavor of online services.
  • The education enterprise itself with various staff supporting main and branch campuses.
  • Remote learning programs and users, all of whom require highly available services and application performance in order to work and study productively.

Educational enterprises must ensure service 

Ensuring that this diverse range of users receives fast, secure and highly available resources and services can be a tall order. It requires Cloud Access Optimization solutions that will help you manage your shared access resources efficiently and effectively. Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions ensure the availability, performance and security of cloud applications, as well as the Quality of Service (QoS) that each of your users expect.

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions enable you to:

  • Align application performance with education and business priorities
  • Allocate and enforce multi-tenant SLAs so that users and applications stop competing for bandwidth and QoS
  • Assure fair use and prevent recreational applications from degrading education-critical services
  • Optimize WAN availability and performance to branch campuses
  • Monitor and understand who uses which applications, and whether allocated access resources meet SLAs
  • Troubleshoot and resolve performance degradation immediately
  • Protect your IT infrastructure from misuse and malicious DDoS attacks
  • Prevent copyright infringements and the distribution of illegal content by users


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