Cloud technology connects business people with applications

Fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been in the IT market for more than a decade, providing data center, IT infrastructure, and communications services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) and Enterprises. Cloud is an extension of that business – a more flexible way to connect business people with their applications. For many CSPs, cloud technology is becoming an integral part of their IT and communications portfolios, providing new ways to grow revenues through Enterprise Cloud and Dedicated Managed Hosting services.

Cloud is more than a shift in resource ownership

While Enterprise Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Services may look like a mere shift of resource ownership from the Enterprise to the CSP, it is actually much more. Today’s cloud data centers and hosted services are powered by virtualized computing fabric and software-defined architectures managed by industry-wide best practices. However, Enterprise Cloud customers use the same Internet and WAN connections to access cloud-hosted applications. Cloud access has not kept pace with the advances in data center capacity, elasticity, central control, and virtualization.

Shared access can degrade services and threaten its integrity

User competition for the same shared cloud access capacity affects application performance, Quality of Experience (QoE) and SLA compliance. Degradation of service can occur from heavy real-time video transaction loads, unified communications, file transfers, endpoint upgrades, as well as Denial of Service and other malicious attacks.

Our Cloud Access Optimization provides the solutions

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions help you manage your shared access resources efficiently and effectively. They ensure the availability, performance and security of cloud applications, as well as the Quality of Service (QoS) that each business customer expects.

Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions enable you to:

  • Ensure application performance that adjusts to dynamic and different workloads
  • Align application performance with the business needs of each cloud tenant
  • Gain granular visibility of application usage to assist with troubleshooting, QoS management, capacity planning, and regulation compliance
  • Increase service uptime by pinpointing and resolving disruptions at their source
  • Secure cloud data centers and endpoints against DDoS attacks and malware infections that degrade performance and threaten service integrity
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses through the implementation of pre-integrated functions in a scalable, future-ready platform that protects your investment


Cloud Access Optimization

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