Key Benefits

  • Communicate more effectively with users when SLAs are impacted
  • Isolate and fix service-impacting problems faster
  • Ensure SLAs match actual usage requirements

Real-time SLA Report In Action

Cloud and data center service providers are often required to supply periodic SLA reports showing performance targets and the degree to which they were achieved. However, it is of limited value for IT managers to discover after-the-fact that certain SLA deviations occurred during the month and they may be due financial rewards. DPI-based solutions provide real-time performance metrics to help IT managers identify SLA violations as they occur and where they occur. As a result, they can correlate and assess the specific applications and end users who are affected. Also, as managers track actual bandwidth utilization against committed and peak bandwidth SLAs, they are better able to forecast when additional bandwidth will be required and may be able to prevent service-impacting conditions from occurring. SLA reports are generated automatically and emailed to cloud service customers at whatever frequency the customer determines.

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