Visibility & Control

Key Benefits

  • Accommodate a wide range of customer workloads
  • Prevent customers from experiencing “bad” performance
  • Reduce SLA deviations and associated penalties

Real-time SLA Enforcement In Action

Many data centers are being deployed to house public and private cloud capabilities on behalf of enterprise customers, who vary from individuals seeking online storage and backup of personal data, to small businesses who want much broader hosting services. Behind the scenes, DPI-based traffic management and policy control solutions enable cloud service providers to monitor usage volumes and average/peak bitrates in real-time for thousands of customers, and to enforce committed data rates (Internet bandwidth) for upload/download of customer content. DPI-based policy also balances the traffic load to/from/within the data center based on dynamic utilization conditions. Likewise, SLA reports detailing the inbound/outbound and overall bandwidth consumption and other bandwidth-related statistics are generated automatically and emailed to cloud service customers at whatever frequency the customer determines.

Allot Service Gateway
Allot NetXplorer

Allot Subscriber Management Platform