Key Benefits

  • Identify and address degradations in user experience
  • Reduce trial-and-error in resolving customer complaints
  • Improve your Help Desk service and brand image

Proactive Customer Care In Action

Proactive customer care requires the ability to understand the patterns and trends of data center usage. Providers need to analyze bandwidth utilization per customer and then drill down to see the applications and devices in use; the source and destination of the traffic; and Quality of Experience customer are getting. Tools that offer specialized dashboards and preconfigured reports allow customer care personnel to monitor usage in real-time and over time, and to identify problems and to address them rapidly. Tools that offer Self-service analytics enable providers to look further and deeper into data center utilization and customer QoE by making it easy to build custom reports to incorporate new data and to answer ad hoc questions as they arise.

Allot Service Gateway
Allot ClearSee Analytics