Key Benefits

  • Increase ARPU with incremental revenue from premium, opt-in services
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with personalized services
  • Enhance brand image

Parental Control in Action

allot parental control

Parental Control service allows operators to provide peace of mind to parents who are concerned about the online activity of their children. Using a simple online setup screen, parents can control access to specific URLs and to a wide array of content categories such as gambling, pornography, dating sites, violence, racism and many others. They can also set time limits on browsing, set up different rules for each child’s device, and adjust them at any time. Real-time notifications and monthly usage reports are all part of the service. Operators can deploy this opt-in service in multi tenancy mode that allows consumers to personalize their own security settings or in single tenancy mode that offers a standard set of security features for all subscribers.

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