Key Benefits

  • Save network bandwidth and contain costs
  • Ensure consistently good video QoE
  • Increase ARPU with value-added video services

OTT Video Optimization in Action

Video streaming is among the most popular network applications. Its quality is highly susceptible to network conditions. Consumers tend to have low tolerance for stalls, stutters and other symptoms of poor quality of experience. Meeting the expectations of video consumers is no simple challenge for broadband service providers. One solution is real-time optimization of Internet video content, which intelligently adjusts the video stream according to network conditions, the target device and the service plan SLA. Adjustments reduce the size of the video in a way that is not discernable to viewers. This not only saves bandwidth, it ensures uninterrupted delivery of video content under dynamic network conditions. The service can be deployed for all subscribers, or as a chargeable value-add for heavy video consumers.

Allot Service Gateway

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