Key Benefits

  • Save bandwidth capacity and costs on Internet transit and peering links
  • Reduce churn with improved video QoE and overall OTT traffic optimization
  • Accelerate video delivery

OTT Video Caching in Action

Video caching greatly improves over-the-top video delivery by storing large and popular video files in the service provider network, assuring that they are geographically closer to subscribers and can be retrieved quickly, without going over expensive Internet transit links. Intelligent algorithms determine the content to cache while a centralized controller manages storage and delivery across all POPs in realtime. As a result, customers enjoy consistently good quality of experience, especially for streaming video and other latency-sensitive content. Caching also takes the load off of transit links, saving bandwidth capacity and costs. When combined with Video Optimization, the ability to assure video QoE can be the basis for premium video service plans.

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