Key Benefits

  • Differentiate your offering to high-end customers
  • Expand revenue-share business
  • Increase ARPU

OTT Premium Content in Action

allot ott premium content

While most over-the-top content is free, many content providers also offer premium Internet content and services for a fee. Service providers can capitalize on this growing phenomenon by leveraging their unique ability to enable access, shape the user experience and to track and analyze OTT usage. For example, service providers can help popular music-, video-, or TV-on-demand providers to expand their pay-for-use business by bundling the OTT service together with smartphone acquisition, high-speed access, guaranteed QoE, and unified billing in a premium package. The premium-content relationship may share revenue and also offer options for targeted advertising based on analysis of subscriber behavior and application usage.

Allot Service Gateway
Allot Subscriber Management Platform