Visibility & Control

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and analyze WAN usage
  • Define fair use policy per campus, application, user, time-of-day
  • Enforce the policy based on congestion and other real-time triggers
  • Troubleshoot and act upon alerts as they occur

Campus Congestion Control in Action

Education enterprises increasingly find themselves in the role of ISP, delivering network and Internet services to students, faculty, administrators and guests located on multiple campuses that are tied together in a WAN topology to a main campus hub. The ostensibly “free” and ubiquitous Internet connectivity can easily overload the campus WAN with recreational video/audio streaming, P2P downloads, social networking, and VoIP calling, in addition to the demanding education applications it has to support. DPI-based solutions successfully control WAN congestion by enforcing fair use policy, which may include usage caps, limited data rates for recreational applications, assured forwarding for video lectures and remote learning, busy-hour blocking of P2P, and many other methods for controlling WAN utilization and budgets.

Allot NetEnforcer

Allot NetXplorer