Visibility & Control

Key Benefits

  • Ensure availability and response-time of critical applications
  • Enhance user productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce help desk calls

Business-Critical Application Control in Action

Every enterprise relies on networked applications to conduct business successfully. Corporate networks must ensure optimal application performance and response-time to all users and all access modes. Application control begins with understanding how critical applications are used, how they perform under different network conditions, and what are the factors IT can control to ensure their delivery. Based on this analysis, each application gets a tailored QoS policy which may define congestion thresholds along with some form of expedited forwarding (depending on delay sensitivity). It may also define guaranteed minimum bandwidth, or different data rates for inbound and outbound traffic. Altogether, these QoS parameters ensure that users of CRM, ERP, VoIP, video conferencing, and other business applications are able to work more productively and with greater satisfaction.

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