Endless Options for Value Added Services

When you choose Allot as your service innovation partner, you gain a multiservice platform – Allot Service Gateway – that integrates the tools, technologies and functions you need to deliver and charge for subscriber and business services over any access and at any scale.

Multiservice framework increases value, reduces cost

The multiservice framework of Allot Service Gateway serves as a unified point of integration in your network for the deployment and management of data-plane and control-plane capabilities that are needed for rapid rollout and assured delivery of value added services. Allot blends intelligent traffic steering, standard interfaces, multiple solution domains, integration know-how, and a collaborative approach to assure that you can implement the VAS use cases that are right for your business and budget. Allot provides growing portfolio of multiservice value as well as the know-how to implement innovative use cases to differentiate your offering and advance your business:

Open to 3rd party services

Allot is a solution partner in the successful implementation of hundreds of use cases in demanding carrier environments. Our multiservice framework is purposely designed to facilitate integration with other vendor systems and 3rd party services, including service systems developed in-house by the carrier. Allot’s field-proven interoperability with leading solution partners such as Citrix-Byte Mobile (video and web optimization), Openwave (mobile data optimization), Flash Networks (radio optimization), Bequant (TCP traffic acceleration), plus our rich experience in rapid integration with telco systems, enables you to deploy end-to-end solutions that address your current and emerging VAS strategy and accelerate time to market for innovative services that subscribers will value.

Accelerate time to market and revenue

One of the major barriers to rapid and cost-effective service deployment is the need to install and integrate point products that have different functional requirements. This can lead to complexity in the network. Allot simplifies and accelerates service deployment by acting as a single point of integration that intelligently steers traffic to other vendor systems for processing. Allot intelligent traffic steering forwards only subscribed traffic to the relevant VAS system, enabling you to improve efficiency and scale network services more cost-effectively. Moreover, you can differentiate and expand your VAS options exponentially by using Allot intelligent service chaining to link multiple services together in a single data plan. You determine the sequence of services that are applied to the subscriber’s data flow to assure that performance and customer satisfaction are maximized. Chaining different services together in different sequences helps you add value to premium data plans and cater to more profitable market segments.

Differentiate and add value to your brand by leveraging Allot intelligent traffic steering and service chaining to redirect subscriber traffic to multiple VAS

Value-based Partnering

When you partner with content providers to offer shared-revenue services via your network, you want the customer experience to be as smooth and seamless as possible. It can get complicated when you’re offering multiple 3rd party services because each one may require a sign-on to validate a subscriber’s identity. With Allot HTTP Header Enrichment capability, you can give your subscribers unfettered access to 3rd party content as Allot’s multiservice, subscriber-aware platform transparently inserts a secure subscriber MSISDN or other identification info into the HTTP requests sent to the content provider. With ID info safely embedded in the service request, your subscribers can enjoy zero sign on and consolidated operator billing for all your services.

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