Subscriber Security as a Service

Gain customer trust by assuring personal privacy and security

Generate revenue and increase brand loyalty by protecting your users and their families

Can you fully protect your users from online threats, including fraud, data and identity theft? Can you shield their families from inappropriate content? And can you stop malware from disrupting your services and users’ experience. Allot enables you to meet these needs, and presents you with opportunities to generate revenue from personal security services.


Giving network users valuable peace of mind

Operators are handling increasing volumes of data-heavy traffic from large user numbers that access networks from a growing variety of smart devices. Huge traffic volumes come with amplified risks from online threats. For operators, this could compromise their business by damaging their services and their reputation, while users fear phishing attempts or ransomware leading to data and identity theft, spam, spyware,impaired Internet and application use, and their children’s exposure to harmful and inappropriate content. They want to trust that they are best protected according to their specific usage patterns and those of their families. Service providers are best placed to handle this issue by offering subscribers network-based security as a service (SECaaS). This approach enables operators to safeguard users on whatever device and whichever way theyaccess the network: fixed or mobile. The peace of mind this brings makes personal security a strong value added service for operators to offer and to monetize.


Comprehensive. Personalized. Scalable

Numerous service providers and millions of their users have benefited from Allot’s subscriber SECaaS offering. Allot’s solution is simple and economical to implement. Customers enjoy uniform setup options for comprehensive protection of all devices and hassle-free maintenance, and it can be used with any device without impacting performance or battery life. It can be tailored to users’ needs, for example enabling child-safe browsing by allowing parents to determine the content that their children can access, as well as the time they spend online. Accurate web filtering techniques identify, classify, and control access in real-time according to individual user profiles. Allot provides industry-leading response time to new malware outbreaks, spam and phishing attempts. And it allows flexible customization of detection and protection levels, user notification and reports, enabling you to analyze and refine data plans accordingly. This flexibility extends to our solution’s scope, which is scalable to support to millions of users.

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Protecting your Customers Online

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