Business Security as a Service

Protect your business customers from online threats

Ensuring that your business customers can use Internet and cloud resources safely and productively

Are you confident that your business customers are fully protected from online threats and network abuse? Can you assure that the connectivity on which they rely will be secure and their network access unimpeded? With Allot you can make these assurances, and generate revenue from providing Security as a Service (SECaaS) to business customers.  


Peace of mind and productivity for your business customers

Like your personal subscribers, your business customers will benefit from network-based security. They require assurance that Internet security threatswon’t affect their business productivity and viability. Their major concerns are: Malware damages mobile devices and causes loss of business data Email spam hinders important communications Unsafe Internet browsing undermines productivity and may act as a gateway for viruses Unauthorized browsing exposes employees to illegal or inappropriate content at work SMEs may lack the expertise to protect their business properly, so they rely on your managed security services. They want security to be simple and cost-effective to implement, relevant to their needs and to the scale of their business. With Allot WebSafe Business, you can provide a service that is easy for customers to acquire and activate, works with any mobile device, scalable, and gives you better insight into the challenges your business customers face, so you can fine-tune SECaaS packages to their needs.  


Security that meets your customers’ business needs

Numerous service providers and large numbers of their business users have benefited from Allot’s business SECaaS offering. Allot’s solution is simple and economical to implement. Customers enjoy uniform setup options for comprehensive protection of all devices and hassle-free maintenance, and it can be used with any device without impacting performance or battery life. Accurate web filtering techniques identify, classify, and control access in real-time according to individual user profiles. Allot provides industry-leading response time to new malware outbreaks, spam and phishing attempts. And it allows flexible customization of detection and protection levels, user notification and reports, enabling you to analyze and refine data plans accordingly. Allot WebSafe Business is engineered to provide a flexible multi-tenanted platform for delivering Security as a Service. This flexibility extends to our solution’s scope, which is scalable to support millions of users.  

Allot NetworkSecure platform lets you deliver network-based Internet security services to millions of customers and manage them centrally


Solution Brief
Delivering Security as a Service to SMB customers

The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) market is fast evolving with increasing number of customers looking to acquire security services.

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A unique go-to-market for mass market Security as a Service.