Security VAS

Protect your customers. Add value to your network business

Boost Revenue Generating Opportunities with Compelling Security VAS

To grow your network business, be ready to take opportunities that arise from market developments, technological progress and changing trends in your customers’ behavior. Security as a value added service is a major opportunity. Allot’s security VAS has gained 50% penetration rates and unprecedented Net Promoter Scores. Allot enables you to deliver and charge for security as a service over any access and at any scale.

Subscriber Security as a Service

Subscriber Security as a Service

Mobile security services powered by Allot have achieved up to 50% market penetration for operators who deploy them

Business Security as a Service

Business Security as a Service

Boost your brand and bottom line with accessible and affordable security services that are just right for small businesses

McAfee Unified Security powered by Allot

McAfee Unified Security powered by Allot

End-to-end security service that protects your customers wherever they are and however they access the Internet

Allot Powers Vodafone Secure Net

Keeping subscribers safe from sites and apps that have been compromised by cryptocurrency hijackers is one of the many service benefits that Vodafone Secure Net provides to millions of customers.

Allot MobileTrends Report, Consumer View on Mobile Security

Empowers your data network to offer Security as a Service that protects your customers, increase brand loyalty, and generate incremental revenue.Our survey finds unfulfilled demand for Internet security services. Over 60% of Consumers would like to buy mobile security from their service provider.

Innovative Security as a Service solutions for MSSPs

Internet security services combined with Allot network visibility and control make an attractive and affordable package for small and medium business customers.

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