Mobile Security Solutions for Service Providers

Gain your customers’ trust by safeguarding their mobile privacy and security

Smartphone users are aware, more than ever, that they are targets for cyber-attacks and inappropriate content. But most of them are ill equipped to deal with security at any level.


This is a calling for service providers to step in.


Tier 1 mobile operators across Europe are already using Allot’s Mobile Security Solution, protecting over 20 million users and their families from online threats, including ransomware and phishing attacks, as well as inappropriate content. As a result, they are generating an additional one Euro per month per customer.


Do the math and take advantage of this huge revenue opportunity.


Why Allot?

There are very few network-based solutions designed for CSPs to deliver mobile security services to the mass market. Only Allot’s Mobile Security Solution gives you all of the following advantages:


  • Turn on Try & Buy campaigns for millions of customers simultaneously to accelerate subscriber adoption
  • Onboard subscribers with no installation to achieve high adoption rate
  • Leverage built-in, personalized customer engagement tools to improve service awareness and retention
  • Block malware downloads with network-based anti-malware engines for best security efficacy
  • Inspect IP header requests, not just DNS, for known malicious destinations
  • 85% of all protections result from inspecting the destination request for efficient network utilization.



  • Give users peace of mind on any handset, on any network
  • Significantly enhance customer loyalty and increase ARPU with a strong value-add service
  • Future-proof your investment with an extensible platform for converged networks and IoT security


In the Media

"The Vodafone Secure Net service, developed by Allot Communications, blocked more than 154 million threats against mobile devices of customers during the first nine months of 2016, protecting approximately against 40 attacks per client so far this year."

Translated from EL Pais


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