Regulatory Compliance

Allot Solutions for Regulator Compliance

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape Requires Flexibility and Precision

Your communications network is subject to a wide range of regulations that require timely and firm compliance. Moreover, regulatory requirements may differ from region to region, challenging you to find one solution that answers all your compliance needs. By providing real-time visibility and control of every packet that traverses your network, we can help you successfully navigate and comply with the changing regulatory landscape.


Regulatory URL Filtering

When government regulations forbid your network from providing access to illegal or harmful content, Allot’s carrier-class URL filtering service gives you the flexibility to comply with regulatory requirements and to proactively provide a safer and more protected Internet environment for your customers. With the power to inspect all traffic on your network, Allot’s URL filtering capabilities ensure that blacklisted and illegal Internet sites are blocked in real time. With Allot solutions, you can:


  • Fully integrate with authorized blacklists such as Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
  • Automate blacklist updates ensure constant compliance
  • Easily integrate additional blacklists
  • Deploy simply without impact on network performance
  • Support millions of users




Usage Data Records

Network usage data has tremendous value in helping you to get close to your customers. Your network data holds value for others too. Many governments have enacted Data Retention laws that require mobile and fixed Internet Service Providers to retain and export network data on web and app transactions per user. Often this data must conform to specific data warehouse requirements and must allow regulators to retrieve info on demand. Allot not only extracts accurate usage data from your network, our Data Scientists can help you rapidly consolidate and curate it into custom data sets that fit the requirements of any regulatory compliance project.

The Allot Regulatory Compliance Solution

Regulatory compliance has become mission critical for national authorities and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) due to increased cyber threats...