Real-time Network Monitoring

Get precise visibility of your entire network to ensure the best user QoE

The era of IoT and 5G is bringing more users, applications and devices than ever online. And it’s applying unprecedented pressure on your network resources and infrastructure.


If you want to maintain a high QoE that attracts and retains subscribers, you need the network visibility to know exactly what’s consuming your bandwidth and how to address any issues quickly and effectively.


Identifying and troubleshooting problems is fast and easy with Allot’s Real-Time Network Monitoring solution. Part of the SmartVisibility suite of solutions, it ensures you can:

  • Identify even encrypted applications using our extensive Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) signature library
  • Monitor and measure performance in real time with metrics that self-refresh every few seconds
  • Detect problems accurately and quickly to troubleshoot faster and maintain a consistent, reliable performance.


Interactive intuitive dashboards make it easy to review the data and drill down to investigate specific apps, users, endpoints, locations, and links.





By detecting encrypted and anonymized traffic as well as monitoring Layer-7 application performance in real-time, you’ll be able to:

  • Track KPIs and user Quality of Experience
  • Pinpoint root causes of LAN, WAN and Internet congestion
  • Identify potential problems before they occur
Allot Smart: Intelligent, Inline, Insights

Allot's Smart solutions help you see and understand what's happening in your network so you can build the best offering for your users, and monetize your network while ensuring Quality of Experience.

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