Network Analytics

Turn raw network data into visual intelligence for boosting your business

You may have captured rich source data about your network, applications, subscribers, devices, and security. But can you turn that into valuable business intelligence that helps improve your users’ Quality of Experience (QoE)?

With Allot Network Analytics solution you certainly can.

Part of the SmartVisibility suite of solutions, Allot Network Analytics provides a comprehensive toolkit that lets you:

  • Learn how your customers behave
  • Establish emerging network usage patterns
  • Identify the challenges you face

You’ll receive a full complement of dashboards for displaying easy-to-follow, real-time network monitoring and usage metrics. Using this data, you can also build your own reports for historical analysis and future projections.


By furnishing your business with valuable business intelligence, you’ll have a clear picture that enables you to:

  • Prioritize your network traffic to make it operate faster and smarter
  • Optimize and sustain peak user QoE
  • Decide on future network investments
  • Evaluate the viability of potential new offerings for boosting service uptake
  • Segment and target subscribers

Allot Smart: Intelligent, Inline, Insights

Allot's Smart solutions help you see and understand what's happening in your network, so you can build the best offering for your users, and monetize your network while ensuring Quality of Experience.

Actionable Analytics by Allot

Discover the power of Allot’s real time actionable analytic solutions.

Supporting Products

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics
Obtain actionable insights into network, applications and user activity to understand your customers better, prioritize and control the network and optimize QoE.
Allot Service Gateway
Gain visibility and control to optimize your network, rapidly rollout revenue-generating services, and deliver a high QoE via a virtualized, scalable gateway.
Allot Subscriber Management Platform
Centrally manage network-wide policies, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting to optimize your IP services and QoE.

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