Network Analytics

Optimize your services and boost your business with the clearest insight

Accurate subscriber visibility and behavior analytics make your network operate better, faster and smarter

Do you have the best understanding of your subscribers and the services they want? Can you precisely analyze their behavior in order to boost your service performance and determine how to enhance users’ quality of experience? Allot Network Analytics gives you the data to achieve this understanding and optimize your service offering.


Making Insight the Bedrock of Your Network Business

In order to respond to such a dynamic and ever-changing environment, you need the best analysis of how your customers behave, what network usage patterns are emerging and what challenges you face. Accurate subscriber visibility enables you to manage all aspects of network performance, service performance, and customer quality of experience, and allows you to control, prioritize and protect your services, your network and its traffic. Combined with subscriber behavior analytics, you get in-depth insight that helps you make clear decisions about the deployment of services, the viability of potential new offerings, and the actions you could take to address opportunities and complex challenges. Allot Network Analytics captures a rich variety of user data, and transforms it into the valuable business intelligence that helps you plan and implement programs which ultimately enrich subscribers’ quality of experience, boost service uptake, and benefit your business.


Analytics that Works Hard for You

With Allot ClearSee Network Analytics, you get a complete toolkit for seeing and understanding everything that is happening on your network. As a result you can act more decisively to make your network operate better, faster and smarter, and to assure that every network customer is satisfied. Allot ClearSee Network Analytics provides a full complement of dashboards for real-time network monitoring and usage metrics, plus a dedicated Self-Service toolkit that lets you build your own reports and analyze your data from fresh perspectives. This includes real time and historical analysis that empowers you to make fully informed decisions about your current network management and your future network investments, your segmentation and targeting of subscribers and the direction of your network business.


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