IoT Infrastructure Protection

Ensuring CSP Infrastructure Resilience

Maximize the Efficiency and Security of your IoT Service Network

A compromised IoT deployment has the power to impact the very infrastructure on which it relies on for connectivity, impairing QoE for other customers that rely on a carrier’s network, or in extreme cases disconnecting them altogether. IoTSecure protects CSP infrastructure and provides visibility to increase operational efficiency.

  • IoT Infrastructure Attacks: Neutralized through bi-directional DDoS mitigation, malware, and botnet protection.
  • Capacity Planning and Network Issues: Device and application-aware IoT analytics assist in troubleshooting, informed planning, and optimization.
  • IoT Data Plan Misuse: Prevented by IoT behavior profiling for data plan protection and anomaly detection.

Proactive and Preventative Infrastructure Protection

IoTSecure ensures resilience of the CSP infrastructure and maintains QoE for customers who rely on a carrier’s network. The volume of IoT-borne DDoS traffic can have a devastating impact on the communications infrastructure it traverses and the QoE of customers who share the same telecommunications infrastructure. Allot IoTSecure DDoS protection is unique as it provides:

  • Advanced, behavior-based DDoS detection
  • Bi-directional detection and mitigation
  • Detection and mitigation in less than 60 seconds
  • QoE-based congestion control
  • Session awareness

Together, these features protect the infrastructure against DDoS attacks initiated from internal and external sources and maintain the QoE of bystanders sharing the same network. Allot DDoS mitigation solutions are deployed today in carrier networks, protecting Terabit infrastructure at the national level. IoTSecure anti-malware and anti-bot functionality protects critical IoT deployments and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), and behavior-based bot detection provides a proactive indication of compromised customer IoT deployments that have the potential for launching DDoS attacks.

IoTSecure - Securing Enterprise Mobile IoT

Increase IoT connectivity revenue and differentiate your IoT services.

IoT - Opportunities and Vulnerabilities

While the number of IoT devices continues to grow, bringing an endless range of possibilities to improve our lives, this growth also brings with it significant challenges.

Security, Security, Security

The Top Three IoT Challenges Confronting CSPs

Supporting Products

Allot Secure
Deliver a unified, CSP branded security service for IoT and user devices at home, at work and on the go.
Allot DDoS Secure
Surgically mitigate both inbound and outbound volumetric DDoS attacks, while maintaining optimal QoE for applications and users.

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