IoT Service Protection

Protect from service disruption and infection

Protect IoT Devices from Malware and DDoS Attacks

As IoT based services permeate healthcare, energy and transportation, the effect of service disruption can have significant consequences as recently demonstrated. Certain web-based tools make it easy to identify IoT deployments that are limited in their capability to withstand an attack because of limited resources and lack of on-device protection.


Advanced inline protection

Allot DDoS protection solutions provide advanced inline protection against DDoS attacks and can be effectively used to ensure continuity of an IoT Service. The challenge is to provide a fast response on a massive scale. Allot multiservice platforms today protect national infrastructure in-line, protecting over 1TBps of aggregate traffic with detection and mitigation taking less than two minutes. Another challenge is to provide network based anti-malware on a large scale for millions of devices. Allot multiservice platforms provide network based malware protection, the largest deployment close to nine million devices. Incoming traffic is inspected by using leading AV engines – Kaspersky, Bit Defender and/or Sophos. As Allot’s solution is network based it is the only effective way to prevent infection of IoT devices and is aligned with operators’ core business of providing value add network based services.


Acceptable Usage Policies (AUP)

IoT deployments, deployed over a carrier’s network, typically serve a specific or a limited set of functions and they communicate directly with a limited set of management servers and services. The objective of the AUP is to police communications by source, application and behavior in order to reduce the attack surface of the device. Allot Multiservice Platforms enable the network operator to define Acceptable Usage Policies that control access to the IoT devices and police the communication channel between the IoT device and authorized servers. The challenge is to provide granular access control and traffic policing on a large scale. Allot multiservice platforms, deployed globally in carrier networks, datacenters and enterprises police millions of flows and have the scale and robustness required for the largest of IoT deployments.

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Additional Sub-Solutions

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