Outbound Threat Detection and Containment

Stop attacks emerging from within your network.

Eliminate outbound threats before they undermine network service and business continuity

Outbound threats originating inside your network can be as damaging as external attacks. Are you fully protected from these threats? Are you certain your services won’t be disrupted or undermined? Allot’s outbound threat detection and containment can assure the security of your network business, your services and your customers.


Danger from the inside

Your network isn’t only under threat from external attacks. An equally serious threat comes from attacks originating inside your network: outbound spam, worm propagation and port scanning traffic generated by bot-infected users. These can disable your network, thereby damaging your reputation as a reliable service provider. They frequently derive from compromised IoT devices connected to your network. Hackers identify vulnerable devices, gain control of them and turn them into botnets that launch powerful outgoing attacks. As increasing numbers of IoT devices get connected to your network, the attack surface grows and with it, the potential threat to your network, your services and your users. Robust security against these incidents requires accurate detection and containment of traffic and connection anomalies that indicate infection and malicious activity. Allot ensures that you can achieve this, enabling you to treat the root cause of such threats as well as the symptoms.


Control and elimination of outbound threats

Allot’s powerful outbound threat containment operates within a unified framework for service delivery, security, and monetization, powered by Allot’s Service Gateway platforms. Easy to activate within these platforms, no additional installation is required.Driven by Allot’s Advanced Host Behavior Anomaly Detection (HBAD) technology, it gives you the capability to:


  • Identify host infection and abusive behavior according to abnormal outbound connection activity or malicious connection patterns
  • Automatically detect botnet / spammer activity and device malfunctions
  • Isolate compromised devices to ensure network availability and avoid blacklisting.
  • Keep anomalous traffic off the network



Real-time alerts notify you when a threat is detected and when it has been mitigated. Event reports support your security planning and operational decisions.Flexible and scalable, Allot’s solution can be deployed in a way that best fits your network and efficiency requirements, so you get the security solution that you need.


Outbound threat detection and containment with Allot ServiceProtector

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