Advanced Threat Detection & Outbound Traffic Security

Detect and Prevent Outbound Attacks Coming from your network’s IoT Devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next great service enabler. But IoT devices are soft targets. Hackers can easily turn them into spammers, worm propagators, port scanners, or botnets that launch volumetric Denial of Service attacks from your network. This not only severely degrades your customer’s Quality of Experience, it also damages your reputation as a service provider.

With Allot Outbound Threat Detection and Containment, you can stop these attacks at the device level, protecting your customers’ IoT investments.

You’ll avoid having to restore your network components and services. And you won’t need to worry about regaining customer confidence.

Treating the Cause Prevents the Symptoms

Allot Outbound Threat Detection and Containment employs advanced Host Behavior Anomaly Detection (HBAD) technology to help you identify abnormal outbound activity or malicious connection patterns originating from IoT devices on your network. You’ll be able to:

  • Detect botnet/spammer activity and infected devices
  • Quarantine devices to protect the rest of your network
  • Generate and share real-time threat intelligence with your customers


  • Maintain your customer Quality of Experience
  • Prevent your network from being blacklisted
  • Avoid the cost of restoring your network and business reputation

DDoS Outbound Threat Detection and Protection in Action

  • Africa National Broadband Carrier Secures DSL Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks Without Installing New Equipment. Read More.
Secure your network

Allot’s multi-layer DDoS Mitigation Solution protects your network better.

Frost & Sullivan's Report

Service Provider Requirements for DDoS Mitigation - Protecting and Optimizing Networks for Modern Threats and Future Scale.

Solution Brief
Congestion Management

QoE Assurance through Automated QoS & DDoS Mitigation.

This solution is powered by:

Allot Service Gateway
Gain visibility and control to optimize your network, rapidly rollout revenue-generating services, and deliver a high QoE via a virtualized, scalable gateway.
Allot DDoS Secure
Surgically mitigate both inbound and outbound volumetric DDoS attacks, while maintaining optimal QoE for applications and users.
Allot Subscriber Management Platform
Centrally manage network-wide policies, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting to optimize your IP services and QoE.

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