Deliver Innovative Services across Converged Networks

The ultimate goal of network convergence is to make the same set of data, voice and video communications accessible to end-users at any location and on any device. Today, that requires service systems to support a multitude of communication standards and interfaces to multi-vendor authentication, policy and charging systems, which were not necessarily designed to work together. While emerging 5G communication systems are expected to consolidate standards and facilitate ubiquitous services, they will operate side by side with existing 4G/3G infrastructure for some time.

Seamless multiservice delivery

In converged network environments, Allot’s multiservice solutions – powered by Allot Service Gateway – provides a single point of integration for service optimization and monetization across all types of network access. As a unified platform for traffic classification, policy enforcement, traffic steering, service chaining, real-time metering, and VAS deployment, Allot enables real-time convergence at the core. Allot seamlessly interfaces with RADIUS and DHCP authentication systems; multi-vendor BRAS and GGSN/PGW data-plane systems; multi-vendor PCRF, OSS/BSS and OCS/OFCS control-plane systems, and with data mediation systems. We support both core and edge deployments so you have ultimate flexibility in rolling out innovative services across converged networks.

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