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“Since deploying the Allot solution, tiered Internet- access packages and upselling have increased our revenue.”

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1. Ensure fair-share WiFi access in the convention centers
2. Give customers a choice of WiFi service levels
3. Get accurate usage statistics to assist troubleshooting, and resource planning.


Deploy Allot NetEnforcer AC- 1440 on Internet link and centrally manage WiFi traffic with Allot NetXplorer.


  • Save money through better planning and utilization of network infrastructure
  • Maintain brand reputation for flawless customer service
  • Increase revenue with tiered WiFi packages and upselling 

Hotel Group Uses Allot Solution to Provide 5-Star WiFi Service


About Hotel Group

Our customer currently manages five lavish locations as superior hotels and convention centers offering flawless customer service that provides “everything in one place.” All five resorts boast thousands of guestrooms as well as convention/meeting/ballroom space covering hundreds of thousands of square feet.


In each of the facilities, dedicated Internet service is provided by a Gigabit fiber-optic backbone with 100 megabit edge connections for meeting rooms, ballrooms and exhibit hall space. Wireless Internet access is available in all guestrooms, meeting and exhibit facilities. Each resort provides an always-up installation that serves thousands of Internet users every day of the year.



The hotel group’s Internet access problems started on the exhibition floor where a handful of vendors at a show were often monopolizing the available bandwidth. Today, many exhibitors rely on live demonstrations that use Internet access to real-time applications. Reliable service can make or break success of a demo at a show. The customer’s convention package offered flat rate Internet access because they had no way to track or regulate bandwidth usage, or to charge differently for different levels of consumption.


Using a very rudimentary function of their WiFi access, the company was able to assign users a static level of bandwidth, based on the point of login, and to make static adjustments as additional users logged on. However, if one of the first users suddenly began a large file transfer or a P2P download, the performance of the next users in line would suffer. Our customer had no way to see what was happening or to allocate



The hotel group chose Allot NetEnforcer Service Gateway to help them get better visibility and control of their mission- critical networks at each resort location. For example, its Nashville location has three local networks (guest, convention, administration) connected to a 1GE fiber backbone. Each LAN is further divided into virtual LANs representing different user groups. By mapping each VLAN into the policy table within the Allot NetXplorer management system, Our customer monitors traffic and enforces fair use on the VLAN according to the priorities they set. Currently, guest rooms receive a fixed amount of WiFi bandwidth, while convention and showfloor areas have policies that allocate bandwidth according to guest needs that change with each event. For example, our customer has created more than 40 different service plans for a single event, with broadband speeds ranging from 256Kbps to 13Mbps.


Using Allot NetXplorer’s real-time reporting and connection control, the hotel group is also able to solve customer usage issues quickly.

  • If a customer ordered an insufficient package and complains about a slow connection, our customer uses the Allot NetXplorer GUI to quickly allocate an incremental increase in bandwidth – and to charge for it.
  • To keep the showfloor network running smoothly during peak usage hours, P2P file sharing can be limited or even blocked if congestion thresholds are exceeded.
  • Viruses and spam are kept in check by limiting the number of Internet connections per second that a user is allowed to establish. The IT staff receives immediate notification when connection thresholds are breached, causing their predefined polices to be automatically enforced.

Conference coordinators at each location leverage the granular usage reports provided by Allot NetXplorer to improve resource planning and to make future events more profitable. At the end of an event, vendors and exhibitors receive a NetXplorer report showing them how much bandwidth they consumed and an offer to purchase a better package for next year’s event. Since deploying the Allot solution, selling tiered Internet-access and upselling premium packages have made providing bandwidth a more profitable tool for the hotel group.



With Allot bandwidth management solutions in their hospitality networks, our customer reports a number of benefits:

  • Ability to manage bandwidth allocation and service performance separately for multiple, diverse groups including resort staff, guests, and event
  • Better resource planning. The Nashville location has not needed to upgrade its network infrastructure since it installed the Allot
  • Increased revenues through tiered service packages and upselling during and after



Allot Communications has made it easier and more profitable for the hotel group to deliver the value added services that make it the number one provider of meeting and convention services in a luxury hotel setting.




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